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Top 5 HR Articles of May 2017


Onboarding Isn't Enough by Mark Byford, Michael D. Watkins and Lena Triantogiannis at Harvard Biz Review

An executive we’ll call Lucas Jacobsen was ready for a new challenge. So after more than a decade at a Fortune 100 diversified manufacturing firm, where he had risen to lead product development in the power systems division, he decided to move on. He accepted an offer to head up R&D at Energix, a rapidly growing manufacturer of power system instruments. But his previous experience had not prepared him to operate in this much smaller business with its consensus-driven culture. Furthermore, Energix provided virtually no onboarding and integration support. After HR and IT set him up in their systems and his boss introduced him to the team and gave a brief overview of the role, Jacobsen was expected to figure out how things “really worked” on his own. (...)

6 Powerful Metrics to View Your Talent Impact by Dr John Sullivan

In a world where it’s easy to get a snapshot assessment of your personal physical health or your organization’s financial or IT security effectiveness, what could be more valuable than an easy-to-conduct executive-level snapshot assessment of talent management and HR? (...)

How to Communicate Effectively at Work With Your Boss by Kelly Kranz

Do you feel like you and your boss are on the same page most days of the week? If you nodded "yes" emphatically, that's fantastic. But many readers might have a different opinion. In fact, a recent HubSpot survey revealed that while 70% of executives might reflect positively on their team's marketing strategy, only 50% of individual contributors agree. (...)

The Future of HR: Run like Tech. Talk like Ops. Think like Sales. Lead the Change. by Jeff Palen

In this age of modernization, the phrase “We’ve always done it this way” has become irrelevant. Forward leaning organizations are faced with the questions of “what will the world/business look like in one, five, ten plus years and how do we want to play a part in it?”. (...)

Do You Have a Global Mindset? by Donna Steffey 

A session in The Global HRD Community Theater at ATD 2017 highlighted trends influencing talent development professionals from all over the world. If you missed the event, here are some insights I shared during the event. (...)


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