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Top 5 HR Articles of the Month - November'19

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Discover in this post our selection of some of the best articles related to the world of Human Resources for the month of November. 

1. The Skills Of The Future Are Now Clear: And Despite What You Think, They’re Not Technical

“You may build a “digital skills academy” which focuses on skills which cross many domains, for example, then a vertical set of programs focused on digital marketing or digital HR”.

By: Josh Bersin

2. The 6 Career-Defining Tech Trends In 2020 Everyone Must Prepare For Now   

“New technologies (…) are altering the tasks humans will complete, how work gets done, and creating new jobs and responsibilities for humans. Every professional should be aware of and prepare for these six career-defining tech trends”.

By: Bernard Marr

3. Diversity and inclusion: gendered ageism and how HR departments can address it

“El ageismo de género debe ser abordado. La demografía está cambiando. El número de mujeres mayores que actualmente trabajan y / o buscan empleo aumenta cada año. En el Reino Unido, la tasa de empleo de las mujeres mayores de 65 años representa el crecimiento más rápido en cualquier sector de edad”.

By: Bonnie Marcus

4. Supporting employees in crisis – A hidden gem in retention strategy

“When people are vulnerable, that’s when the company’s response to their situation is most scrutinized.  It’s when the company’s character is tested.  Do you REALLY care about your employees?“.

By: Ed. Baldwin

5. Let Employees Do What They Do Best By Stopping ‘Responsibility Creep’

“Top performers end up spending as much as 60% of their time doing work that they don’t like doing and that they are not especially good at. The net result is that your biggest contributors become frustrated, less productive and turnover risks”.

By: John Sullivan

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