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Top 5 HR Articles of the Month - April '19


1. Soft Skills: How to Increase Empathy in Business

"Since cognitive empathy is not something that can be taught, but needs to be learned and encouraged, the easiest route to creating an empathic organisation is to hire individuals prone to be empathic (i.e. who tend to have good listening and observational skills)."

By Minter Dial at


2. The Enigma of Employee Satisfaction

"'While there is much that can be done to improve work/life balance, research shows that the most important factor of all is the work itself,” analysts said, “making work meaningful and giving people a sense of belonging, trust, and relationship.' "

By Rachel Ranosa at


3. How Departing Leaders Can Pass Along Their Wisdom to Employees

"One benefit of standing in front of your organization asking questions is that it models for everyone that framing the right questions is an important part of leadership. The best managers don’t figure out all the solutions and tell others how to execute them. They solve problems by drawing out their teams’ best thinking."

By Hal Gregersen at


4. How to Use Employee Benefits to Avoid Getting Stood Up by Your Employees

"Employees who are stressed out are more likely to cut and run. While better management practices overall is the best way to ease tensions in the office, sometimes stress comes from outside work. Family troubles and money problems can be major stress inducers (...)"

By Suzanne Lucas at


5. Outplacement and Managing the Employer Brand

"It’s important to maintain positive relationships with your talented pool, especially those whom you may want to rehire. Top talent will be talking to headhunters, competitors, clients and suppliers and it is better if they describe the organisation favourably; likely some employee you let go today may be a potential future customer."


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