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Top 5 HR Articles of the Month - April'20

Discover in this post our selection of some of the best articles related to the world of Human Resources for the month of April. 

1. The Impact Of The Coronavirus On HR And The New Normal Of Work

"The Covid-19 coronavirus is becoming the accelerator for one of the greatest workplace transformations of our lifetime. How we work, exercise, shop, learn, communicate, and of course, where we work, will be changed forever!".

By: Jeanne Mister

2. Positive leadership in uncertain times

"How do we move forward in such uniquely uncertain circumstances? Positive, effective leadership helps us navigate crises, rebuild communities, and forge ahead in moments of ambiguity".

By: Liz Hilton Segel

3. Managing mental health when working remotely: 8 tips for individuals and managers

"As a manager, your employees’ mental health and wellbeing should always be something that you consider regularly. But in these exceptional times, it is especially the case. Remote workers need to be managed carefully at the best of times to protect against burnout, anxiety, depression and isolation".


4. The Science of Well-Being: How to Stay Happy While Working From Home

"Lyubomirsky’s research shows that happiness also makes us work and function better. Happiness boosts creativity and productivity, and supports our ability to adapt. It also helps us persevere, making difficult situations more manageable".

By: Liz Lewis 

5. How Coronavirus Is Changing Recruitment

"The priority for HR divisions and smaller companies is coping with the day to day implications of a workforce either working remotely from home, or not being able to work at all, and the financial implications on their company’s bottom line".

By: Santtu Kottila 

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