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TOP 5 HR Articles of the Month: February Edition


1. Making Learning a Part of Everyday Work

The traditional corporate learning portal (the learning management system) is rarely used (other than for mandatory compliance training) and it often takes many clicks to find what you need. Learning therefore ends up being relegated — consciously and subconsciously — to the important-but-not-urgent quadrant of Eisenhower’s 2×2 matrix. (…) So, the question becomes: How can we make learning part of the powerful current of the daily workflow? We believe there is a way, a new paradigm, which Josh coined “learning in the flow of work”.

By joe Bersin and Marc Zao-Sanders in

2. The Ultimate Guide for Finding Innovators — Use It to Jumpstart Corporate Growth

Even though increasing corporate innovation is almost always a top-five CEO goal, surprisingly few in recruiting realize that the highest business-impact action in corporate HR is the hiring of innovators. Innovator new hires make an immediate quantum difference in an organization’s performance, direction, and image. 

By Dr. John Sullivan in

3. The Future of Remote Work Is Happening Now. Here's How to Make It Work for You

Remote work has gone from mainstream to rushing river. While the productivity boosts of working from home are getting press, as are the skill sets required to succeed in working from home, the movement is broader and growing faster than most realize.

Besides the homebound, remote work includes employees working outside the office several days a week from multiple locations, freelancers who permanently work from a variety of locations, the co-working-space crowd, and digital nomads.

By Scott Mautz in 

4. Leaders Can Cultivate True Employee Empowerment

As more and more leaders come to understand that employee empowerment is paramount to achieving organizational goals, they realize that people are their most strategic asset; all other organizational elements – technology, products, processes – result from the actions of workers. To that end, leaders are increasingly concerned about ensuring that their employees feel truly empowered to contribute to the company’s mission and drive value to customers.

By Murielle Tambo in

5. Boring Office Wellness Alternatives that Actually Work

Some of the biggest, self-consciously “coolest” businesses including Netflix and the Virgin Group offer unlimited holidays to employees, allowing them to take as much time off work as they’d like. Where big firms lead, others follow: 5% of companies offer unlimited leave, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), an American HR association, up from just 1% in 2014.

By Chris Stokel-Walker in


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