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Top 5 HR Articles of the Month - February'20

Discover in this post our selection of some of the best articles related to the world of Human Resources for the month of February. 

1. We’re Running Out Of Workers. Now What Do We Do?

"As I like to talk about with clients, the biggest discovery in the digital transformation of business is not that everyone is becoming a software engineer, it’s that we’re all becoming professional service workers!"

By Josh Bersin

2. How to Help Your Team Feel Their Purpose at Work

"In far too many workplaces, you’ll find individuals who are working harder and putting in longer hours but without much conviction. The resulting culture is one of demotivation and disengagement".

By Lolly Daskal

3. How to Create Healthy Competition Within Your Team

"Competitiveness gets a bad rap in some industries, but in reality, it breeds innovation, improves work quality and inspires your recruiters to do their best.But striking a good balance within your team where there’s a healthy amount of competition without sacrificing the team mentality isn’t easy".

By  Alan McFadden

4. Three success stories to help you hire through hypergrowth

"Hiring through hypergrowth is a huge job and puts intense pressure on those who are responsible for making it happen. It can easily look like an impossible task. But don’t worry – we’re here to let you know it’s not!"

By Social Talent

5. Don’t Ignore Your Older Workforce During Technology Change

"When it comes to changes in technology, workforce planning processes tend to focus on hiring fresh talent from outside an organization rather than focusing on retraining existing workers".

By Sarah Scudder 

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