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Top 5 HR articles of the Month: January


1. Want To Prepare For Jobs Of The Future? Join The Hybrid Revolution.

“While single-role jobs can be automated, hybrid work can only be done by people. Software can analyze data, but we need people to interpret the analysis, apply it, and make sure it’s ethical and valid”.

By Josh Bersin at his blog.

2. Recruiting AI Talent: 4 Ways To Get Ahead Of The Next Hiring Wave

“We’re going to need people who are experts in AI. It’s that simple. Best to accept that AI will be a part of how your business functions if it’s not already, and start planning your investment in AI-skilled hires now”.
By Meghan M. Biro at

3. These Are the Best Leadership Traits for Success

“(…) while executives are committed to improving the world and have a clearer grasp of the skills challenge ahead, they also feel stymied by organizational roadblocks that limit the development of effective Industry 4.0 strategies”.

By Tom Staner at

4. Future proof your workforce – Unleashing AI to transform HR

“Managing a multi-gen workforce is a global phenomenon across industries. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ubiquitously present and promises to transform both the HR function and the future of work”

By Andreas Hartl at

5. Employers Are Overlooking the Next Big Workplace Crisis: Employee Caregiving Responsibilities

“(…) 73 percent of U.S. workers possessed some sort of caregiving role. Further exploration of these workers found that 32 percent left a job due to the difficulty of juggling their professional life with their caregiving life”.

By Julian Hayes II at INC

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