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Top 5 HR Articles of the Month - March Edition


1. Be Careful When You Choose Your High-Potential Employees

“(…) many businesses look for MBA graduates and those who are rising quickly through the ranks. These people can be fantastic for your organization. When you devote all your resources to them, however, you run the risk of committing all of your training dollars to workers who are anxious to climb the career ladder and may jump ship (…).”

By Suzanne Lucas in

2. How to Hire Based on Values

“A well-defined culture is the key to uniting your company and scaling to new heights, says author and high-growth company culture expert Brett Putter (…) ‘When people are values-aligned they share much quicker, and the basis of the sharing is around the culture — almost the invisible way the company works,” he says. “We find that people get up to speed much quicker (…)’”

3. When a Top Performer Wants to Leave, Should You Try to Stop Them?

“You’re the manager of a high-performing team of great people. The team has hit its stride; members have even developed a bit of a shorthand with each other that helps them weather challenges and nail deadlines. Then a core member of the group gives notice that they’re leaving. It’s easy to assume retaining them is the best outcome for the company, the team, the work — and for you (…)”

By Dacia J. Faison Roe in

4. Incredibly Unpopular Advidce for CEOs Leading Change: Slow Down

“Change can be good.  It is often needed, and in many cases, long overdue.  The question is not whether to change, but how, and how often. By now, there isn’t a CEO out there who hasn’t heard the oft-cited statistic that 70% of change initiatives fail.”

By Elizabeth Freedman in

5. The Employee Experience: It’s Trickier (and More Important) than You Thought

“I just finished a week of meetings discussing HR Technology and the Employee Experience and I want to give you some thoughts. This topic is enormously important, and it’s actually harder than it looks.”

By Josh Bersin in

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