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Top 5 HR Articles of the Month - March'20

Discover in this post our selection of some of the best articles related to the world of Human Resources for the month of March.

 1.  5 Recruitment Trends for 2020 Both Candidates and Recruiters Should Know About
Although writing a killer resume is the core principle of recruitment, new strategies such as an emphasis on skill assessments and video interviews are also gaining momentum. Thanks to all these new strategies, recruitment has moved away from reactive hiring and making random choices toward proactive recruitment and focused selection.


  1. What The Coronavirus Teaches Us About Leadership: A Lot

The global pandemic is changing many things. One of them is the way we evaluate leadership. Now, as in any crisis, we live in the fog of war. Is the virus getting worse or better? Will it be gone in a few weeks, or a few years? Will I have no symptoms, or could it kill me?

By: Josh Bersin

  1. The Best Way to Control Your Leadership Frustrations

Everyone in a leadership position experiences some degree of frustration from time to time—and for some, it’s nearly constant. (…)The reasons vary, from not knowing how to handle crisis or just plain having unreasonable expectations.

By: Lolly Daskal

  1. How can teams stay inclusive when operating remotely?

When operating remote teams, leaders should take into consideration employees’ families, networks and connectivity, the ways individuals absorb information when digitally communicating, and the varied energy levels of staff at different times throughout any given day

By: John Hilton

  1. Keeping Your Communication Professional As You Work From Home

The national crisis surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic has sent many employees home to work remotely. Unlike those who already work from home routinely, the career damage could be worse than any financial crisis.

By: Dianna Booher

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