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Top 5 HR Articles of the Month: November


1. How to Earn Employee Trust in your Business

“When trying to obtain trust, Botsman argued that there are four elements to bear in mind. To briefly summarise, on the capability side there is competence and reliability. And on the character side there is benevolence and integrity, which are somewhat harder to measure.”

By Becky Norman at

2.  Organisational Effectiveness for the 21st Century

“Professional fields are often strewn with terminologies that confound the uninitiated and rally the peers/colleagues around a common language.  However, this can also lead to multiple interpretations and divergence of viewpoints that can dilute the core purpose of effective application of key concepts.  Consequently, success is often measured in terms of avoiding failures, rather than, learning from missteps and consolidating gains on a long-term basis.”

By Murad S. Mirza at

3. Artificial Intelligence is Here to Disrupt Industries. Are We Ready?

“AI is making significant advances in its ability to make sense of data, including both structured and unstructured data types. It also plays a key role in transforming data into actionable intelligence (….) the cognitive technology based on AI algorithms can help organisations to effectively support and improve corporate intelligence and risk management processes (…)”

By Luke McCormack at

4. When Is It Time To Fire An Under-Performing Employee?

“Managers question on whether to let an under-performing employee go or wait until a replacement is found (…) because individuals are hired to fulfill a role within a company and bring a positive net value, those who simply aren’t performing at a level that is necessary or profitable don’t fit within the company’s operating model.”


5. How To Make Learning A Habit You Enjoy

“(…) it will be easier to find time to learn if you redefine your relationship with education. For example, think of yourself as an adult learner, not a student. (…) You give yourself the permission and flexibility to integrate learning into your day as you see fit. And you’ll discover that learning doesn’t have to be a discrete activity that begins when a bell rings or a deadline looms. Instead, learning is more like a regular exercise routine you voluntarily do on your time schedule.”

By Liz Guthridge at

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