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Top 5 HR Articles of the Month - October'20

Discover in this post our selection of some of the best articles related to the world of Human Resources for the month of October.

1. It Took a Pandemic to Prioritize Soft Skills

For years, talent experts have been urging employers to weigh a candidate’s soft skills over their hard skills when hiring. After all, employees can learn many technical capabilities on the job, while things like collaboration or creativity are often more challenging to nurture.

By: Annie Lin

2. Your employees are craving a transparent culture

Highly engaged employees are said to be nearly three times more likely to stay on with a company that offers peer recognition than disengaged employees who lack opportunities to connect with their teams.

By: Rachel Ranosa

3. The Big Reset Revisited: Global Transformation Is Here To Stay

When I first wrote about The Big Reset in March, I discussed the transformational potential of the Coronavirus. Well now that we’re nine months into the pandemic, it’s clear that the transformation is real. So rather than talking about going “back to work” or “back to normal,” it’s time to accept the future, and just get on with the path ahead.
By: Josh Bersin

4. 8 Tips To Succeed As A First Time Leader

Succeeding as a first time leader doesn’t simply require an MBA degree and a few years of experience. There’s a lot more to organizing, managing, and leading workers to reach their full potential so the organization can move forward. In addition, many first time leaders are confused about how to communicate with their employees.
By: Tanveer Naseer

5. Do You Need to Learn To Be Better With People?

Some people have a gift for being with others easily and instinctively. But for many people, it doesn’t come naturally. If you struggle with carrying out interpersonal interactions , it may help you to know that it’s made up of specific skills you can learn and practice and master.

By: Lolly Daskal

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