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Top 5 HR Articles of the Month - September'20

Discover in this post our selection of some of the best articles related to the world of Human Resources for the month of September.

1. The Keys to Effective Leadership and Personality Assessment

The success or failure of any organization is largely a function of that organization’s leadership. In modern organizations, leaders make critical decisions about how to allocate personnel and resources and the cumulative sum of those decisions is reflected in the organization’s performance.

By: Ryne Sherman

2. Why the Best Leaders Ask For Help In A Crisis

Even in the best of times, executives and senior managers sometimes need help with the pressures of leadership. In times of crisis, they face much greater challenges. How do you set a direction when the future is unclear? 

By: Lolly Daskal 

3. Here’s Why HR Is Critical For Digital Transformation Success

In a recent report, 86% of manufacturers have appointed digital transformation leaders—37% are from operations, and 30% from IT and the remaining span across engineering, finance and dedicated digital transformation teams. An important team that must be considered in relation to digital transformation efforts though, is HR and people operations.
By: Willem Sundblad

4. How to Manage Resistance to Change

People don’t like change. We seek pleasure, avoid discomfort, and are creatures of habit. In fact, research indicates that the longer something has been around (process, practice, or artifact), the more we like it. 

By: Niall Mcshane

5. New leaders: Trust... or bust

Continuing a stream-of-consciousness series about the “new boss” coming on board, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the importance of the team you inherit. No matter the “suitcase” filled with the inherent skills you bring to the job, a great deal of your success depends on the people now carrying out your charter. 

 By: John Whitaker 

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