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Top 5 HR Articles Pick of the Month - June Edition


1. 4 Ways to Get Employees to Use More Vacation Time

"If you work in HR, you are trying to give your workforce the best benefits you can afford, and that includes paid leave. We want to give them something that shows them we appreciate their efforts, but what happens when employees don’t use that leave? That’s right–it starts to build up a huge liability on the books."

By Ben Eubanks in

2. AI, Automation, and the Future of Work: Ten Things to Solve For

"As machines increasingly complement human labor in the workplace, we will all need to adjust to reap the benefits. (...) Workers will need to acquire new skills and adapt to the increasingly capable machines alongside them in the workplace. They may have to move from declining occupations to growing and, in some cases, new occupations."

By James Manyika and Kevin Sneader in

3. Happiness at Work Doesn’t Just Depend on Your Employer

"Google wasn’t the first to hire someone with the sole remit of enforcing employee contentment. In 1999, when Google was still a start-up, French fashion brand Kiabi hired Christine Jutard as its chief happiness officer. She was one of the first to perform the role. (...) The theory goes that happy employees are productive employees and productive employees generate more profit."

By Cary Cooper and Ivan Robertson in

4. How to Build a Diverse Workplace

"It’s important to know how to build a diverse workplace and implement strong diversity and inclusion policies so employees feel valued, protected and supported. Here are some questions to consider when looking to diversify your company’s workforce"

By Suzanne Lucas in

5. How CEOs Manage Time

"The scope of the organization’s managerial work is vast, encompassing functional agendas, business unit agendas, multiple organizational levels, and myriad external issues. It also involves a wide array of constituencies—shareholders, customers, employees, the board, the media, government, community organizations, and more. Unlike any other executive, the CEO has to engage with them all."

By Michael E. Porter and Nitin Nohria

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