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Top HR Articles of the Month - July Edition



1. How to Deal With Negative Emotions at Work

We seem to really get a kick out of complaining about work. (…)But recounting all the things that made us miserable one day doesn’t help us enjoy our workday more tomorrow. A better strategy is to actually address the negative feelings we have.

By Tchiki Davis at

2. Blending “Human + Machine”

Paul Daugherty and Jim Wilson, co-authors of Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI and executives at global consulting firm Accenture, may know more about artificial intelligence (AI) and how it applies to the business world than anybody else in the world.

By Chuck Leddy at

3. 4 Questions Every Leader Should Ask To Be Successful

To help with this leadership reflection and self-assessment, here are four questions you should be asking yourself to ensure you are being the kind of leader your team requires in order to succeed today and in the years ahead.

By Tanveer Naseer at

4. Dogs at Work – Are We Missing a Trick?

During the 18th century the benefit of animals in asylums was identified as helping to encourage “benevolent feelings” (…) Their ability to live in the moment and enjoy it gives us pause for thought: imagine the look on a dog’s face as you offer it a treat, or when it’s sleeping peacefully at your feet.

By Charlotte Cooke-Vaughan at

5. This Summer, Take Mindfulness with You on Vacation

Can’t take your mind off your upcoming holidays? It’s that time of year. We have ideas for how to rest not only your body but also your mind as we head into August. Removed from the day-to-day stresses of the workplace, summer can be an ideal time to practice mindfulness

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