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What Are You Doing After Work?


Afterworks, an alternative way of networking for professionals 

Who has not taken a beer after work? Spending some time with colleagues before returning home is a globally extended habit, but it is true that in the Anglo-Saxon world this is a real tradition. If you wander through the streets of London after six p.m. you will see all the pubs in the city topped up.

Taking advantage of the Anglo-Saxon concept of afterworks, different business models are being developed in other countries. Bars and restaurants with a different space conception, more pub-type, with couches and televisions to follow sporting events and a wide range of cocktails. Some also propose activities.

But in addition to these new spaces, there are companies dedicated to organize afterwork events. They can be arranged for any meeting, and they can also be a very good option to meet with clients. The organizers invite professionals from the same industry. The presentation consists of an informal product or company presentation. These sessions are not very long and are accompanied by an open bar and casual dining.

For the organizers it is an ideal way to promote their products; the environment is more focused on communication than a work meeting, where one is sitting in his chair, unable to move, and were presentations are usually long and boring. Afterworks are more flexible, the presentations are shorter and the atmosphere is very relaxed, so attendees are much more receptive. You can even take advantage of the environment using the pub’s big screens, for example, were the proposal will be even less intrusive.

But afterworks are also an interesting networking place for chatting with professionals: You are with people in your industry with whom you can exchange perspectives, learn new things and even shuffle possible commercial collaborations or professional synergies. Actually, even though you have the party idea in mind, being with people from the same industry always leads to a totally spontaneous and relaxed working conversation.

Although the increasing importance of 2.0 communications is undeniable, we must not forget that the face to face contact is still important, and that many great collaborations and sales deals, have been signed outside   the office.

By the way, what are you doing after work today? I am going to a football match with one of our partners, and after that we will have some pints in an Irish pub. ;)

Pedro Dávila

Pedro A. Dávila Garrido es matemático y experto en la formación de soluciones de software de gestión de RR.HH. Ha ocupado puestos de consultor especializado en la nómina Española y Portuguesa y las áreas de RR.HH.. y actualmente es el director de formación de las soluciones Meta4, firma especializada en soluciones de software de gestión de RR.HH. Máster ejecutivo en Dirección de empresa en el ICADE y precursor de la aplicación de los valores del deporte en la empresa.

Pedro A. Dávila Garrido is a mathematician and a training expert for HR management software solutions. He has held consultancy positions addressing Spanish and Portuguese payroll management as well as HR management. Currently he is the Training Manager for Meta4 solutions, a company specialized in HRM software solutions. He also holds an Executive Master’s degree in Management from ICADE and pioneered the uptake of sports values within the company.

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