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Top 5 most-read posts of 2019

top 5 2019 blog

Discover in this post our selection of some of the our best articles related to the world of Human Resources of 2019.

1. Deep Data vs Big Data: Do We Really Know Our Employees?

“The digital footprint that people are incessantly leaving behind through their professional and personal pursuits enables systems accessing such information to portray a realistic image of our decisions and preferences”.

By José Aguilar

2. Retain Talent? No, Engage Talent. A Guide with Seven Easy Steps to Achieve Engagement

“people management has to do with sound judgement, common sense and managing what is evident. Next are the 7 actions I consider the most effective for overcoming the great challenge of engaging employees and keeping them loyal to our organization”.

By Jorge Urrutia

3. The 7 Learning Strategies for the Leader to Empower Digital Transformation

“The new business models we see today and here to stay challenge us to create new ways of working in companies. Is your organization ready to manage these?”

By Ciro Pérez

4. Enthuse Your Employees: Benefit from Ambassadors for Your Company

“Be reminded that other than your customers, the best defenders of your company are your employees, since they know how it works from the inside. So, if you want to obtain more benefits and improve productivity in your company, it is absolutely crucial to know how to enthuse them and get the most out of their skills”

By Editorial HR

5. What are the essential factors for starting an international HR project?

“The first challenge that the HR department must face—and probably one of the most complex ones—is to know how to start implementation, as that’s when we set down the basis for our subsequent work and in which we will invest much of our time”.

By Betsy Kolkea


Editorial HR

Meta4, with 1,300 customers in 100 countries, manages more than 18 million people worldwide. The company’s R&D&I center located in Spain (Madrid) develops HR applications capable of meeting local and global needs of all types of organizations. The editorial team is made up of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the HR technology field.

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